Jesus Heals Retreat Center


Since the industrial revolution in the late 1800s, men have drifted away from the church and community with other Christian men.  Often times men feel unsafe in the church or feel the church does not have anything for them.  When problems arise, men tend to turn inward having been convinced at a young age that turning to other men for support is a sign of weakness.

 At Jesus Heals, we believe that men matter to their families, churches and community.  In addition to supporting the local church retreat community, Jesus Heals is committed to hosting its own men's retreats focused building community amoung the churches in the south Texas area.  The Jesus Heals men's retreats are open to all churches.  The retreats will each have a bible study theme paired with activities that can build comradery among men.   Skeet shooting, paintball, dominos, fishing, and other events are currently being planned dispelling the enemy's myth that being a Christian man means a life of boredom!  

If you are involved with your Church's men's ministry please contact us about having your next retreat at Jesus Heals.  Or if you would like to join us on one of our retreats, please contact us for more information.