Jesus Heals Retreat Center

Many San Antonio churches want to provide summer camp retreat opportunities for their children and teens.   The biggest obstacle to summer camp retreats are the costs of the venue, food and transportation.  Jesus Heals Retreat Center strives to keep the cost of summer camp retreats as low as possible by keeping the venue fees around $25 per child per night. Additionally, because Jesus Heals Retreat Center is only 15 miles from downtown San Antonio, most local churches can have their children dropped off by parents and avoid the cost of renting buses or charter services.  Moreover, Jesus Heals Retreat Center provides kitchen use at no extra costs for churches that want to provide their own cooking teams.

Amenities available for summer camp retreats include meeting space, catch and release fishing, camp fires, basketball, and hiking.   Future planned amenities include volleyball, paintball, and confidence course.  Contact us to learn more about having your summer camp at Jesus Heals